Salient Features

Cloud-based collaborative authoring with flexible workflows, central repo, much much more...

Cloud based

Cloud based

  • Central digital repository
  • Access anytime anywhere
  • Any browser any device

Powerful Features

Powerful Features

  • XML First collaborative authoring
  • Flexible and configurable workflows
  • Roles and permissions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Version management

Value added services

Value added services

  • Consulting
  • Editorial support and Copy Editing
  • Typesetting, Graphics and Cover design
  • Digital Distribution of content and metadata

Our solutions enable you to produce high quality content in the shortest period of time with the least effort

Cloud Hosted

Web based platform. Access anywhere anytime using a standard web browser.

Collaborative Authoring

Supports multiple authors (authors and co-authors). Geographically distributed contributors and reviewers. Internal communication and messaging. Web-based MS Word like rich text editing.

Version Control and Management

Ability to Check-out/Check-in and Lock documents. Major and Minor Version support. Change tracking and audit trails. Comparison between versions.

Digital Asset Repository

Store attachments and supporting documents. Referenced documents. Images, Videos and other digital assets. Re-use and re-purpose.

Workflow Management

Flexible workflows. Configurable. Auto-completion rules. Multiple parallel reviews. Configurable questionnaires. Task notifications.

Role and Permissions

Configurable roles and permissions. Administrators, Editors, Authors, Reviewers, Copy-editors, Typesetters, etc.

Alerts and Notifications

Email alerts on task assignments. Email reminders for pending tasks. Weekly reports to Admins/Editors.

XML First

Content is stored as XML internally and can be easily transformed to other formats and repurposed for other applications.