Cloud-based central digital repository. Access anytime anywhere. Efficient stakeholder management with zero hand-offs.

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Powerful Features

XML first collaborative authoring. Flexible workflows. Roles and permissions. Alerts and notifications. Version management.

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Value-Added Services

Consulting. Editorial support and Copy Editing. Typesetting, Graphics and Cover design. Digital Distribution of content and metadata.

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About Us

Technology company providing solutions for the development, management and distribution of content.

We provide,

  • Collaborative authoring solutions tailored to multiple industry verticals - especially Higher Education and Publishing
  • Content distribution solutions such as eSubscription platform and Digital Drop Ship solutions
  • Bespoke software development services including product co-development services
  • Technology consulting services

What we do

The typical process of implementing our platform consists of gathering requirements and customizing or configuring the platform to suit customer needs. This includes configuring workflows, users, roles, etc. Typically customers are all set in a few weeks to use the system.


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Configuration / Customization decisions
  • Requitement Sign-offs
  • Planning and Scheduling


  • Configuration & Customization of platform
  • Workflows & biz. rules
  • Roles-Permissions
  • Branding, Look and Feel
  • Initiate ISSN, DOI registrations

Initial Data

  • Editorial team and roles data setup
  • Initial Users registration
  • Setup of ISSN, DOI, etc 


  • Editorial Team training
  • End User Registrations
  • Start authoring (article, book, thesis)

Case studies

Inlore's Editware collaborative authoring platform has been implemented for multiple clients already. Here is a sample of a few implementations.

Our authoring platform has been implemented for JMUST (Journal of Medicine and Surgery, UST, Manila, Philippines) and it is successfully running for the last 4 years.


The platform has been implemented for a New York based independent publisher for authoring and managing the editorial of a medical book.


Inlore's eSubscription and eCommerce platform was implemented for a K-12 educational publisher for their textbooks.